The Media Business Authority sponsors several committees organized to further its mission. Each committee has membership from board members and strives to have membership and active participation from other business owners. The committees drive many of the MBA programs forward by working and meeting outside of the monthly board meetings.

The programs of the MBA are organized into three general categories: Events, Promotions and Logistics. Below is a highlight from each. If you are interested in participating or learning more about the MBA's programs and committees, please contact us.


The Media Business Authority focuses heavily on sponsoring or otherwise supporting a year-long series of events. These events span diverse topics and audiences. The season begins with the Chinese New Year Celebration, and culminates with the New Year's Eve Celebration & Ball Drop. Throughout the year, crowds enjoy favorites such as the Food & Craft Festival and Santa's Arrival. Long-running events like our Music Series (Americana Roots Ramble in April, the Blues Stroll in June and the Jazz By Night Celebration in November) continue to draw new fans and contribute to Media's popularity. The MBA is always looking to introduce fresh, new events such as Dining Under the Stars. Click here to read more about the Events Committee.


The MBA is dedicated to ensuring and delivering consistent marketing for the borough of Media, particularly its business district. Priorities include identifying advertising opportunities and branding the town consistently. Click here to read more about the Promotions Committee.


MBA logistics includes long-term planning, fundraising and finances, communications and liaising with the Media Borough Council and other Media organizations. The Logistics Committee is also focused on technology, such as the & websites, Facebook and Twitter. Click here to read more about the Logistics Committee and read some recent newsletters.