MBA Board of Directors

  • Bryan Messick, Chair (Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union)
  • Dan Lievens, Vice Chair (HeadRoom)
  • Debbie Pitt, Treasurer (Elko & Associates Ltd)
  • Jack Cunicelli, Secretary (320 Market Media)
  • Christopher Dougherty (Dougherty & Conrad Insurance Services, TCC Real Estate)
  • Peter Bendistis (Independent Financial)
  • Warren Kuo (Margaret Kuo’s Restaurant)
  • Courtney Rozsas (Lotus Farm to Table)
  • Charlene Mulholland (Sorella Boutique)
  • Frank W. Daly, Esquire (Daly Law Firm)
  • MBA Executive Director: Zubair Khan
  • Borough Council Liaison: Lisa Johnson
  • MBA Solicitor: Joseph Chupein, Esq.

Meeting Agendas (2017)

Meeting Minutes (2017)


Meeting Agendas (2016)